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Guidelines for Speech-Language development:

  1. Articulation: Is the child easily understood by adult friends outside the family?

  2. Expressive Communication: Does your 3-4 year old ask many questions such as “what” “where and “why”?  Does your 4-5 year old tell stories and share ideas about things that are happening recently?

  3. Language Comprehension: Can your 3-4 year old child answer questions about a picture story such as “where did the bunny go?” Does your 4-5 year old understand concepts such as “top” “bottom” “beside” and “behind”?

  4. Social and Play Skills: Does your child engage in communication and activities with adults and peers? Does your child seem to want to connect with people?

  5. Awareness about Print / Phonemic Awareness: Can your 4 year old identify store signs? Is he/she interested in books and stories? Can your 5 year old child rhyme? Is your 5 year old aware of sound placements in words?

  6. Hearing: Did your child have middle ear infections as an infant or toddler? Does your child seem to not hear you or frequently ask you to repeat yourself? Does your child fail to respond when called from another room or when he/she is not facing the speaker?

  7. Stuttering: Does your child have any stuttering when speaking? Does your child exhibit struggle or tension? Does pitch or loudness rise?

  8. Attention, Frustration & Behavior: Behavior problems can be a symptom of underlying language problems. Is your 3 yr. old child easily frustrated? Is your 4-5 yr. old easily distracted? Does the attention span seem short for age? Does the activity level seem higher than most children of the same age? Are there behavior problems? Does behavior erupt excessively when your child's routine changes? Does your child have any unusual or extreme behaviors that seem related to anxiety, stress, or change?

  9. Other: Does your child’s ability to listen, understand, communicate or behave seem fine at home, yet seem weaker in busy or noisy settings such as stores, visiting, or at school? 

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