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Calendar Events

Here's what to expect in a year with Early Intervention Services:

  • Screening and Assessments begin on site with our team of specialists. 
  • Parents will receive consent forms prior to screening.

September 30th 
  • Funding Applications deadline.
  • Children who have been identified with needs will need these forms and a copy of their birth certificate handed in prior to this cutoff date.

  • Specialists begin writing reports.
  • The BCESA team prepares the PUF Individualized Program Plans (IPP) documents outlining each child's goals for the year.  PUF Parents are required sign the IPP three times a year (October, March, June) and join the BCESA team for a meetings to discuss goals and strategies.
  • Most therapy should begin by the end of October.

  • On site therapy and visits from BECSA educators are underway. 
  • Mild Moderate (MM) funded children's IPPs are written and sent to parents for review & signatures.  MM do not require meetings with the BCESA team.
  • Parent Workshop #1 will be offered to all families via zoom.

  • Christmas Break (2 weeks) begins for all staff and services will resume early January.
  • Services continue.
  • February break (1 week) for all staff.
  • PUF IPPs are updated, sent to parents for signatures and meetings are scheduled.
  • Parent Workshop #2
  • Spring break (1 week) for all staff.
  • Parent Workshop #3
  • Final IPPs are written for both PUF and MM and sent to parents for signatures.
  • PUF Parens have their final meeting with the BCESA team.
  • Services conclude at the end of June. 

*BCESA operates on the School Calendar (September-June).  Staff follow the school breaks and Professional Development Days assigned by the BCESA calendar. 
*BCESA is funded by Alberta Education and all documentation is held secure in their online database. 

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